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Holiday Fright (19th Dec 22 at 12:24am UTC)
This is it. Walk up the path on the opposite side. It's Goldfish Villa. This is the back hill, and not many people know this road. Weng Beibei woke up and looked at the bridge in front of her and murmured. Suddenly, she seemed to remember something and asked in a trembling voice, "Eh?"! How do you know this way? I had never walked this road before, and I went straight to the back hill. Lao Liu pointed to Qin Tao behind him. By this time, Qin Tao had already shouldered his backpack and went straight out of the car. His hair fell down over his face, and a round shadow covered all his expressions, except for a pair of eyes that flashed like a dark eagle. A chill inexplicably enveloped Weng Beibei's whole body. There are thousands of changes in the world, and love divides people with feelings into two ends. If the heart knows the direction of Lingxi, even if it can not accompany day and night? ^_^ 2004-6-14 17:51:46 Blue cat Level: Super Moderator Posts: 6572 Score: 911 3 School: Seductive Legend Registered: 2003-9-21 14th floor (05) "Why do I think that Qin Tao is so mysterious?" Walking on the mountain road paved with bluestone slabs, Weng Beibei walked up to Yu Guang and asked, "You see, he didn't say a word all the way. He didn't have any expression at all. He always had a sullen face and didn't know who to show it to." Yu Guang smiled: "What do you care how many others do?"? How can you be so gossipy? Ego put his head together and said, "Sister-in-law, maybe this guy is just lovelorn. That's why he has such a virtue." "Go!" Weng Beibei kicked Igor on the shin: "Who is your sister-in-law?"? I would have divorced this bastard long ago! Ego's teeth flashed to one side, and out of the corner of his eye there was a wry, helpless smile on his face. The mountain was so high that I couldn't see where the top of the mountain was. A gust of wind was blowing, and the pine trees on the roadside kept shaking and screaming. The sky on the horizon was a little dark. Weng Beibei looked at her watch. It turned out that the car had been on the road all day, and now it was close to night. Strangely, she had been in the car all day without eating anything, and no one felt hungry. Stepping on the cold stone slab, a chill gradually spread from the foot board, Igor can not help but shiver, look at the side of Yu Guang and Weng Beibei is not much better, the body kept trembling. The people around him were not much better, especially the fat woman named Xue Wei, who kept breathing heavily and cursing the long mountain road loudly. Only Lao Liu walked in the front, holding a bright flashlight in his hand, encouraging everyone to move forward. Wang Xiaose and Wang Xiaomiao, the beautiful twin girls, jumped up and down behind Lao Liu, full of spirit. Finally, after climbing the long stairs, fourteen of them saw a hotel-like villa standing in front of them. It was dark, inflatable air dancer , and because of the dim moonlight, it was not clear what shape the villa was, but there seemed to be something on the outer wall that was swaying slowly with the breeze. Because she did not know what was swaying, Weng Beibei's heart was hairy, and her back seemed to be crawling with thousands of invisible insects. She couldn't help trembling all over, and a trace of cold sweat oozed from her forehead. Suddenly, in front of the lights, the villa inside and outside suddenly a bright lights. Only then did Weng Beibei discover that the villa was originally a Gothic building, and that there were several similar villas around it, but they were all hidden in the deep and unreachable night. The tiny things swaying with the wind on the outer wall turned out to be ivy covering the whole wall, and the dark green leaves were flying one by one, like spirits flying in the dark night. Weng Beibei couldn't help laughing, but suddenly a question came to her mind: "Eh?!"! Who turned on the light? We're all outside the villa! She looked up. The door of the villa creaked. The brass door slowly opened. A thin and short shadow stood under the arched door. A gloomy and old voice came slowly: "Welcome to Goldfish Villa.".
” Who is this man? Before Weng Beibei could ask, suddenly a faint white light flashed across the distant horizon, probably lightning? Maybe it's going to rain? A trace of coldness swept through, Weng Beibei could not help but tighten the jacket outside the floral dress, and walked to the man standing in front of the door. There are thousands of changes in the world, and love divides people with feelings into two ends. If the heart knows the direction of Lingxi, even if it can not accompany day and night? ^_^ 2004-6-14 17:51:57 Blue cat Level: Super Moderator Posts: 6572 Score: 911 3 School: Seductive Legend Registered: 2003-9-21 15th floor Chapter III (01) "Are you Miss Weng?" Standing in the doorway was an old man, his face furrowed and wrinkled like bark, and his eyes yellow and muddy. He was holding a dragon's head crutch, and his voice was a little hoarse, as if he had come from a distance without knowing the direction. Weng Beibei nodded. My name is Wang Laosan, and I'm the watchman here. The old man's tone was very slow, and there seemed to be a mouthful of phlegm in his throat, which was muddy and weak. He took out a key from his bosom and handed it to Weng Beibei, saying, "This is the key. I will pick it up in seven days. From now on, this place belongs to you.". The fridge on the first floor has all the food you need. I live in the bungalow one hundred meters to the east, and you can come and call me if you have something. Oh, it's going to rain. I have to go back quickly. With that, he bent over and left here with his crutches in his old age. I do not know why, looking at the figure of Wang Laosan gradually away, Weng Beibei's heart is like being pricked by a needle, very sad. Entering the door, Lin Feng's daughter Kou Kou, who was holding a dirty doll, rushed in first. The hall of the house was luxuriously decorated with white marble on the floor,Inflatable bouncer, pale yellow wall paint on the walls, and sometimes a few Western paintings in the style of the seventeenth century. There is a revolving wooden staircase on each side of the hall to the second floor. The second floor is the guest room, a long and narrow corridor on both sides of a standard suite.
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