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System husband, want to hug (19th Dec 22 at 12:22am UTC)
Butcher Guan, with a slight urgency on his face, said, "This fellow is really hateful, but my wife's illness is also very difficult.". But even if you sell medicine, you will never go to Ximen Qing's pharmacy. At the worst, you can go to Qinghe County to buy it! "Don't worry, Brother Wu," said Xiao Yue hurriedly. "My wife may have a way." Han Mei was confused by Xiao Yue. What could she do? But she didn't want Xiao Yue to say in her ear: "Banlangen!" Han Mei almost fainted to death, but the antiviral use of this Banlangen is somewhat effective. She glared at Xiao Yue, who had studied pharmacy in college before she crossed. Because after her parents had an accident, her grandmother had been raising her, and the elderly were sick, so she applied for medical school when she applied for college. Did not expect to be used here by Xiao Yue, the moment he took Yun Ge and the butcher and others up the mountain, fortunately, the northern region at this time there is no haze, pure natural vegetation has not been destroyed, but a lot of natural herbs. She took several people to dig out the roots of Daqingye,Agate Stone Price, cooked the soup, sent it door to door, tossed about for two days, and finally alleviated the condition of these people. On the other side, Xiao Yue took the male laborer to dig the well again and repair the well platform. The prestige of the couple is getting higher and higher in Yanggu County. However, the people of Yanggu County have another problem, that is,Marble Projects, they always wander around the river when they have nothing to do, especially Xu Langzhong, who has the most times to wander around the river, basically in addition to making house calls. At this time, he was glad that so many people in Yanggu County had only told him the name of the immortal. Although it was a little long, he remembered the words in front of him, Gunilas Zhao Si! Chapter 70 housewarming. In the past half month, Han Mei was really exhausted with people digging Banlangen, but when she went up to the attic, she fell down on the bed, and her whole body seemed to fall apart. Xiao Yue at this time carrying a bowl of hot soup on the attic, looking at Han Mei some haggard face, can not help but feel a little distressed in the heart. He also felt very strange now, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,Agate Slabs For Sale, before this Han Mei followed behind him like a follower, it was really annoying. I just didn't think that this girl was actually very attractive! Tempting? Xiao Yue was startled at once. What was wrong with him? How could he think of this word? At this time, Xiao Yue stood beside the bed and looked at Han Mei with her eyes closed and snoring, thinking that after she crossed over, she came out without the affectation of an ordinary woman, naturally with a bit of atmosphere. Although sometimes shrewish, but now it seems that even this shrewish is becoming better. He really didn't have the heart to disturb her sleep, but he had just cooked the detoxification soup, and if he didn't drink it while it was hot, it would lose its efficacy. Xiao Yue helplessly sat beside Han Mei and slowly helped her up against his own body, although Han Mei was taller than him, but he could not stand up to his strong ah! "Hello!"! Wake up and take the medicine! Xiao Yue patted her on the cheek. Fuck off! I'm so sleepy! Han Mei's head leaned on Xiao Yue's head, but she wanted to lean on her shoulder, but it was a little difficult. Xiao Yue's face changed a few minutes, the little bastard let who roll? Then he patted her cheek vigorously. Stop it! Han Mei is really tired these days, not only the heart is tired, but also the body is tired. Xiao Yue increased the strength of his hands, after all, he was worried that if the toxins in Han Mei's body were not removed, it would be bad luck to hang up before the task was completed? Han Mei is really unable to stand Xiao Yue to disturb, opened his eyes and looked at Xiao Yue carrying the bowl, can not help but be stunned but still with a bit of confusion. Xiao Yue looked at Han Mei at this time is as lovely as a small beast, can not help but lips slightly warped, the past cold has become gentle up. Drink the medicine, don't act cute here! Not valuable! "Oh!" Han Mei rubbed her eyes and drank the bowl of medicinal soup with Xiao Yue's hand. She frowned fiercely. Before she could cry out, a candied fruit was stuffed into her mouth. Han Mei suddenly sweet in the heart, just want to grin out but do not want to cheek a little wooden pain.
Now Han Mei was much more sober. She sat up with her face covered. She looked at Xiao Yue strangely and said, "Xiao Yue, why does my face hurt?" Xiao Yue hurriedly looked away: "Maybe you just slept on it?" He's not gonna say he took it. Oh Han Meimei believed it in a dull way. But Xiao Yue got up and put the medicine bowl away. He took Han Mei's hand and said with a smile, "Come here and show you something!" Han Mei didn't know what Xiao Yue was doing. She followed Xiao Yue to the window and looked down. Suddenly, she turned around and looked at Xiao Yue in an incredible way: "This.." "Go!"! Go downstairs and look carefully! Xiao Yue took Han Mei's hand and went down to the attic to open the door of the hall, only to see a new green carriage parked at the door. Yun Ge also wore a lean blue cotton-padded robe and sat on the shaft of the car, with a simple smile on his face. Han Mei immediately remembered what, can not help but some excitement gently stroked the body of the carriage, as well as the chestnut horse. Whether it's a carriage or a horse, I don't know how many times better it is than the lost carriage and horse before. Sit in and feel it. "Xiao Yue lifted the curtain of the carriage. The pattern on the curtain was designed by Xiao Yue. Even the interior decoration of the carriage was done by Xiao Yue himself. It was a unique experience.". Han Mei was a little incoherent and was too excited to speak. It's really strange that once I finish the task, I have nothing to do with this place. But now it is coming step by step, a little more reluctant. Even if it was a carriage that she would never take away, she could be excited for a long time. In fact, Xiao Yue had already read Han Mei's expression and put it in her ear and said with a smile, "Even if we don't live here in the future, we have lived here!"! Living one day is also the happiness created by ourselves. How meaningful it is. Han Mei's heart,Stone Honeycomb Panel, yes, whether staying here or preparing to leave, every day is created by her and Xiao Yue. Han Mei was so busy enjoying the scene on the street that the carriage had stopped in front of a courtyard with two entrances and two exits.
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