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Rich and powerful families, young soldiers, excess (19th Dec 22 at 12:12am UTC)
After the car started, she slowly woke up. The scene outside the window was no longer the city scene of Lhasa. Slowly, she saw the green mountains, loess and blue sky. The new snow was buried in the wet black soil. The snow scene continued along the mountain road, all the way to the horizon. She remembered that when she was in the frontier defense company, she pulled Lu Zheng and stood on the edge of the cliff brazenly shouting "Lu Zheng, I love you". I don't know how many people listened to her. At that time, she was shameless, but now she feels hot in retrospect. At that time, Lu Zheng said, "lose face together," and kissed her. His lips and teeth smelled of fresh snow, cool, but ironed all of her. It made her feel feverish, dizzy and confused. Happiness seems to be fake. It's the same scene as that day. It's the same as it is now. The scenery outside the window quickly receded, blurred into a white spot of light, like the past Haloxylon ammodendron flowing from the eyes. Because it is too beautiful, it can only be kept in memory forever. With the corners of his mouth slightly raised, Suwen suddenly pulled open the window beside him, leaned half of his body out of the window, and shouted with all his strength to the canyons that had been left behind by his galloping: "Lu Zheng, I don't like you anymore." The body seems to be emptied, but relaxed and tight. In this way,PET blowing machine, all the beauty will eventually disappear, but she is still lucky, because they have really happened in her life. In some inadvertently touched memory box. When he drew his body back, he was not surprised to receive the contemptuous eyes of the people in the car. She stuck out her tongue, her face flushed by the biting wind outside the window, pretending that she had done nothing, pretending that nothing had happened just now. Just then, a passenger sitting in the front row suddenly shouted excitedly,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "Look, what is that?" Nie Suwen stood up slightly, crossed the seat in front of him, looked ahead in the direction of his finger, and a lost yak rushed onto the road, staring back at the minibus coming towards it. Then, in order to avoid it, the minibus overturned. The tragic Nie Suwen bounced out of the window she had pulled open, got rid of the iron box that was in danger of falling off the cliff, but fell into a new predicament. …… …… That day, Xiao Rong and his companions went to Nyingchi to see the peach blossoms. There was no wind and snow, and the journey was smooth. They stayed there for one night and returned to Lhasa the next evening. Back at the hotel, when I passed Nie Suwen's room, the door was open, the room had been cleaned up, and no new passengers had checked in. He didn't call his secretary to book a return ticket, water filling machine ,PET bottle Mold, and he didn't know when he should go back. He sat on the top floor of the hotel, looking at the Potala Palace in the night, and suddenly felt very sad. Downstairs, a couple who had just returned from Motuo on foot were cursing in the street. One said, "You are not a man!" " One said, "You are not a woman!" "Then break up!" Both of them shouted loudly. Tibet is very beautiful and has become a place that many people yearn for. Tibet is very mysterious and has become the end of many couples breaking up. Dangerous terrain, harsh conditions, so that the weakness of human nature exposed, people are always exhausted, the performance is often the most authentic self. And the truth is cruel. Coming down from the top floor, the man and the woman had already had their own single rooms and slept in separate rooms. Xiao Rong looked at them blankly and went to the booking office downstairs. He said, "I want a ticket to fly back to Beijing. When is the earliest one?" "It's sold out today and tomorrow. Is it all right for the night after tomorrow?" "Yes." Back to the room is a night of insomnia, in Linzhi when the high attack again, came back to take some medicine, when I got up in the morning a little headache. He swallowed a piece of Fenbid, did not eat breakfast, walked to the front of the Jokhang Temple, sat in the shadow and watched the people who came to the temple to worship. Occasionally, lamas come out, red cassocks, reflecting the white wall, very clean contrast color. Xiao Rong wanted to raise the camera several times, but felt unnecessary-many times, beauty is a moment of touching in the bottom of my heart, and the pictures recorded by the camera more or less erase that kind of beauty. Just like that overexposed photo, no one can see where her beauty lies. Xiao Rong sat for a long time, also looked for a long time, suddenly stood up, imitated their appearance, also crawled in the first, deeply kowtowed a long head.
When his forehead touched the bluestone slab, Xiao Rong suddenly understood one thing. If you lower yourself and look up at the sky, you will find that piety is not so far away. At that moment, he was very pious. At that moment, he seriously asked himself if there was anything he really wanted in the past twenty-six years. Is there anything that can give up everything and resist everything in order to get it. When Xiao Rong stood up and walked to the middle of the square, he heard people discussing that a bus heading for Longzi County overturned on the mountain, and the whole bus fell to the bottom of the cliff. At present, the search and rescue operation is under way, and the death toll is not exactly counted. People said with emotion: "It was originally to pray, but it was left in the sacred mountain forever." Xiao Rong listened with a casual jump in his eyelids. Meanwhile, Beijing. The accident was already in the low-profile midday news. In the remote areas of the motherland, such similar accidents are staged every day. Compared with the international events in the 7 o'clock news broadcast, such frequent "minor accidents" are really not impressive enough. Until an entertainment weekly broke the news. "What, Nie Su asked in that car?" The leaves clattered down the newspaper. Someone took pictures of her in Lhasa before, and some fans took pictures with her and signed autographs. It should not be fake. There was no doubt that Nie Suwen had stayed in Tibet during his disappearance, but Ye still didn't want to believe that such an accident would happen so coincidentally. Most people also think that it is just ignorant media to write gossip and attract people's attention. Which star would go to Tibet in a mysterious way and happen to be killed? "Call the hotel immediately, confirm her news, call me her phone, whether she turns it on or not, keep calling." One hundred and twenty,juice filling machine, take life to love Updated: January 11, 2013 0:05:35 Words in this Chapter: 7587 Chapter name: One hundred and twenty, take life to love.
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