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The Complete Works of the February River Emperor S (19th Dec 22 at 12:12am UTC)
Qianlong raised his hand and said, "Get up.". "It's not as big as inside. The house is small. You can't all sit here except Tingyu. Let's all stand and talk." Zhang Tingyu thanked him by sitting on a stool against the wall and said, "The emperor looks very good, but he has lost a little.". After arriving at Fengtai, there is only a short distance to go back to Danei or Changchun Garden. This place is not easy to guard. Qianlong did not pick up the conversation and said, "Your minister Wang in Beijing is doing a good job. Have you seen the folds from Shanxi?" "Yes." Prince Yi Hongxiao hurriedly said, "This is really a matter of shame to the court.". However, Sun Chia-kan handled it too recklessly. If the evidence of a person's death was destroyed, how could he investigate it? I don't like it very much. Because I don't know Yang Sijing, I asked Hongsheng if he had written to Shanxi. Hongsheng said, 'What is this? I'm so stupid?' After all, he became more and more confused. There was no expression on Qian Long's face. He turned and asked, "What do you think?" Neqin was stunned for a moment and said, "According to the slave, this is the same as the fake draft. It's not appropriate to delve into it.". It's better to cut the Gordian knot if you can't find out. Hong Xiao said with a sneer, "Then Yang Sijing openly said that Hong Sheng wrote on my behalf. How can I be whitewashed by this injustice?"? It's none of your business. What you said is so cool! "Don't mistake me, Wang Ye," said Neqin. We are responsible for our master. How to think in the heart, should be no deception. When the master returns to the palace, there will naturally be a meeting before the emperor. Let me explain slowly. "This is the Imperial Council." Qianlong laughed and said, "Isn't the discussion in the palace the same as the discussion now?"? But we're not talking about it tonight. As I said just now, you have done a good job in Beijing. I've been out for so long that even the prefect of Fengtai doesn't know. Your mouth is sealed very tightly and things are done very tightly. He said with a pun,Vegetable oil filling machine, "I want to ask, what's going on with the Qisi Yamen?" Hong Xiao said frankly, "It was my younger brother who asked for instructions from Prince Zhuang to set up the Qisi Yamen. The emperor knows that it has been a hundred years since the founding of the country. In my younger brother's generation, there are two or three thousand imperial clan children who are two or three generations younger than my younger brother.". Carrying a bird cage to a teahouse, gossiping, raising a dog and planting a pomegranate tree every day, it would be better to arrange a serious job for them, or to detain them. When the princes of the foreign vassals go to the capital,water bottling line, they will take care of them. On the one hand, they will get some income, and on the other hand, they will avoid some disputes. Qianlong asked kindly, "Who is in charge of the Qisi Yamen?" "It's Hong Sheng of the Fifth Master's family," said Hong Xiao. "He's clever and capable. It was recommended by Prince Li Hongzhe and Yi Beile Hongchang. I'm not at ease, and I added a Hongpu as a co-sponsor. Qianlong asked, "Didn't you ask about these things after the establishment?" Hong Xiao said, "I'm in the Military Department. I didn't take care of this.". Zuo just pays money and grain on a monthly basis and takes care of the house every day. It's all a little thing. "A little thing?" With a sneer, Qianlong said, "They have taken over the guards, and even the eunuchs who were ordered to return to the palace have blocked them back.". You are in charge of'big things', I would like to ask you, what is bigger than this? One is that you turn to me every day to ask for a note, a painless note, liquid bottle filling machine ,Beverage packing machine, a barometer in a mess? Did you Hongxiao solemnly give me a fold? There is such a pile of dry firewood in the backyard, and you don't say a word? Faint! The emperor suddenly changed his face, several people were surprised pale, can no longer stand, all kneel down together. Zhang Tingyu, too, could not sit down. He knelt down and said, "I and my relatives all know about this and have asked about it.". Because it was said that the decree was to be carried out, he did not delve into it. I am old and faint, and I ask my master to punish me. "I'm not guilty," he said. "I beg the emperor to punish me severely." "I will not punish anyone." Qianlong suddenly changed his smiling face. I called you here for the sake of your dignity. The one who tied the bell must untie it. Let's do it tonight. The inner city is full of Yingnuo people, so far away from the city, ask Ge Fengnian to escort you in-that's it! Hong Xiao was a little embarrassed and said, "This is a matter of a decree.". Why so hasty, lead troops into the city, alarm too big.
"Qianlong suddenly stopped smiling and said," Your name is Hong'xiao ', but you don't know anything. Take care of your dignity, and you still want to gossip! You step down and go to the west wing to go into the city with me tomorrow. I don't want you to do this job! As he spoke, he went to the table to write instructions. As he wrote, he said, "If there is sand in your eyes, you want me to rub my eyes again tomorrow." He handed the instructions to Ge Fengnian. Two of your orders, escort a few ministers to Da Nei, and then immediately go to Yi Wang Fu to take down Hong Chang, as well as Hong Pu and Hong Sheng, and hand them over to the clan mansion to be guarded by Neqin! "Your Majesty!" Hong Xiao called softly in pain. Qianlong looked gloomy. With a wave of his hand, he said, "Go down. I have a decree." The Qisi Yamen of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which had been established for less than half a month, collapsed in two hours and disappeared as abruptly as its appearance. According to Hongxi's vision, the more than two thousand royal children and idle imperial relatives in Beijing were organized, together with their respective slaves, which was a great force to control the Ministry of Internal Affairs quietly. (It is also self-evident that the clan government has gradually grasped the power of Suwei, the right of reception of foreign vassals, and the right of liaison with the Eight Banners. Strength is big, the emperor also can not but buy it, even if can not abolish this "suspicious origin, name is not correct" emperor, at least can also cut off his dictatorship, restore the situation of the former eight kings of Shunzhi Emperor. But when things are done, we know it's not easy. The original plan of "not showing off for the time being within a year, but only gaining a firm foothold", which had been discussed in secret for many times, was not realized. These days, all the nobles are not fuel-efficient. They are said to be the "seventh department" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Ministry of Internal Affairs does not dare to provoke them at all. Even Hongpu, Hongchang and Hongsheng cannot restrain them. The "soldiers" of the Qisi Yamen all had a frightening face. This one went to the Ministry of the Interior to find his own students to approve money and grain, and that one went to the Ministry of War to find his own slaves to borrow weapons-all surnamed Aisin Gioro, no one dared to provoke. Later,liquid bottle filling machine, they simply occupied the Donghua Gate and the Xihua Gate, saying that they were "helping the bodyguards guard the inner garden." The Ministry of Internal Affairs was well aware of this, and who dared to speak out? Even Hongxi himself was surprised by the rapid development of this momentum.
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