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Online Game Dragon Fighting Eight Wilderness (19th Dec 22 at 12:11am UTC)
However, the strength of level 70 monsters, so that they just boarded the wall, caused chaos in the defense line of the Dragon War. Under the attack of the Silverback Bear, the members of the Dragon War were defeated again and again, and some of them were even directly slapped down by the Silverback Bear. Today, did you see it? At the request of the Dragon War, TV did not broadcast the area where the Dragon Soul Team was located, which made the players who watched the live broadcast very dissatisfied. Dragon Soul team at this time, the outbreak of their long-trained strength, at the same time, also showed the soldier's firm side. Of the four walls, only the defensive side of the Dragon Soul team did not appear chaotic. Ao Tian stood in the front despite their opposition, the fire feather was also put away by him, this scene, the fire feather attack can only make the silverback bear more violent, simply can not play a big role. Wave triple kill with cold white light, when the first attack to the first rush to Chengtou silverback bear, at this time, the attack force is relatively low range of attack, simply can not cause too much damage to the other side. Powerful attack, let just ascended the wall, based on the unstable silverback bear, the pace of a stagnation. At the side of Ao Tian,ultrasonic generator driver, four pikes, at the same time stuck in the body of the silverback bear, a heavy drink, the huge body of the silverback bear, was actually picked down by them, knocked down two companions behind. Looking around, Ao Tian found that the brothers of the Dragon Soul Team were automatically divided into four groups and launched an attack on the Silverback Bear. Long and hard training has created their arm strength beyond the terror of ordinary people. Before the help of Aotian, even in the early stage of Aotian's help, it was a very luxurious thing for this group of hot-blooded young people to get together their equipment. They often wear messy clothes with a level difference of 10 or even 20,ultrasonic dispersion machine, hold white pikes that can't be more white, and practice silently. Since Tianxia Group supported them in an all-round way, their lives suddenly changed from pre-liberation to post-reform and opening up. Not to mention the neat equipment, but also from time to time to help them change better equipment. Especially some time ago, after Ao Zhan Bafang handed over 5000 gold coins to them, they were grateful from the bottom of their hearts to the captain they had never met. Nominally is to let them better Lian Ji, but everyone knows that they Lian Ji need things, are provided by the world group free of charge, do not need their own money. These 5000 gold coins, to put it bluntly, are to let them better pursue their dreams. Especially after Ao Zhan told them about the Dragon Soul Fund, they respected and appreciated the captain even more. For the same dream, for a dream that doesn't know what the end is, the captain insists without hesitation and helps them to insist. Especially a few families really have difficulties, with the idea of trying to tell Ao Zhan Bafang, the next day, they received funds that are life-saving money for them. Although Ao Zhan Bafang repeatedly told them not to say anything, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, the matter soon spread among the Dragon Soul Team. They have no worries, with the persistence of their dreams, with the gratitude and respect for the captain, put all their energy into the practice, so that one day, their captain will take them to realize their dreams. The silverback bear brought huge casualties to the dragon war. After adapting to the attack mode of the silverback bear, the dragon war held its ground in time, but it was difficult for the scattered front to organize an effective attack. They were holding on at the cost of their lives. Originally did not want to use the general reserve, had to board the battlefield ahead of time, to this, the dragon war allies did not object. They knew that Long Zhan did not look down on them, nor could he afford to hire them. They will not look down on the dragon war because of the defeat of the dragon war. Many people who have looked down on the dragon war have been given a loud slap in the face with the fact. The Dragon City Flying General and the Shooting Wolf looked at the members of the Dragon War who fought to the death on the wall, with only admiration in their eyes. You know, it's been three and a half hours since the monster attacked the city, and they've been fighting for more than three hours. It was not until they faced the unfamiliar and super-scary Silverback Bear that they seemed a little flustered, but they soon stabilized their formation. At this point, they ask themselves that they can't do it. The participation of fresh troops has greatly relieved the pressure of the city defense, but casualties are still inevitable.
The biggest advantage is that the advantage of the number of people has greatly reduced casualties. Sitting in the rear of the shooting wolf, the eyes tightly locked on the Dragon Soul team, and others, he did not know how Ao Tian invited these people. However, these people show great strength and super high fighting quality, so that the shooting wolf is somewhat chilling. A long gun, like a poisonous snake out of the hole, can always hit the most vulnerable place of the silverback bear accurately every time it strikes. All the attacks, without a trace of fancy, guns, guns, and then guns, at one go, without a pause. Every shot is fast, accurate and ruthless, and the gun is deadly. They are not without casualties, but when a person is killed or seriously injured, there is always a person on top at the right time to make up for his blank, without the slightest hesitation. In the face of dead or seriously injured teammates, they will not even look at the eyes, calm and terrible. The only difference is that the gun in his hand is faster and more ruthless. Therefore, in the face of the most violent frontal impact of the Silverback Bear, the Dragon Soul Team also paid a heavy price, but their defense line has never been a trace of chaos, like a rock rooted in the earth in the torrent. Ao Tian's face, has not seen any expression, do not know is infected by the brothers, or has been numb, he is now surprisingly calm, even can be called cold. In the hands of the Qiankun dragon gun, I do not know how many times to use the wave triple kill, but he did not feel a trace of fatigue, he is firmly fighting, and even some enjoy this kind of battle. It was a kind of spiritual resonance. At this time, he was no longer the first person in "Seeking the Way", nor was he an awesome character with hidden professions and super-divine animal pets. He felt that he was a member of the team,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, a member of the team, the team was like a pike to kill the enemy, and they were the force to push the pike.
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