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Desperate Valley - A paradise _txt novel ... (7th Dec 22 at 12:42am UTC)
The flame of the tree disappeared, but the phoenix did not retreat, hanging in the air, staring at the scriptures made of phoenix blood and gold, spitting out many rays. At this time, the ancient scriptures of the gods, which were as red as blood, merged with the bright light of the fire, and half of the Firebird rushed out, but it seemed that it had been cut off in half, only half of its body. Half a page, half a phoenix bird! Holding Bodhi in his hand, Ye Fan gazed forward, and his eyes shot out two substantial lights, almost connecting to the injured bird and seizing its secret. This is the pattern of Tao, which contains the secret of immortality, and now resonates with the light emitted by the bird formed by the rune flame, which is manifested in the void. Who in the world can not die, the ancient emperor can not, this is really an immortal article? Ye Fanning, watching the pattern of Huang Dao, wants to capture the most original secret. But it was too difficult. Half of the page of the Sutra showed that the phoenix was broken and half of it was torn off. Such a deformity was not coherent at all and did not form the meaning of the Sutra. Forced combination, continuous evolution of reasoning is not good, simply can not give birth to the scriptures and the road, which makes Ye Fan frown, at a loss. Although the Bodhi in his hand is more closely related to him, it can not be born from nothing, can not create Tao, can only capture the real existence of tunnel marks. Choo Choo The bird in midair jumped down and danced around the phoenix blood and red gold, which was moving, but the temperature was even more frightening. Ye Fan changed color, and he was afraid that it would melt the veins on it. Clang! The metal trill sent out a brighter light, red as blood, which dyed the whole fire field with a dreamy brilliance, mysterious and magnificent. A short section of unbroken tunnel lines! Ye Fan's eyes looked straight into the air, and when the blood of the phoenix met the glimmer of light, there was a chain of lines clanging in the incomplete phoenix bird. His eyes blossomed, like two sharp swords cut in the past, through the gorgeous clouds,heavy duty metal racks, fell on the chain of order, carefully carved down. Brush! The tiny light of the fire jumped, Ye Fan retreated, and then remained motionless, the whole person seemed to have no vitality, sitting down. His divinity was pulled into a dead space, forcibly closed in, where only a chain of order moved, terrible and boundless. The mystery of immortality? Ye Fan's heart is ethereal, concentrating all his spiritual understanding, gazing at the divine chain woven by Taoist patterns, not knowing the passage of time, completely immersed in it. Unfortunately, how many things can be recorded in half a page of Phoenix Blood Red Gold Book? And the only tunnel it contains is not even a part of it. However, Ye Fan is still deeply touched, this is one of the nine secrets, for the word "Zhe" secret! This is called immortality! When we understand this chain of order, the other secretaries all work on their own, resonate and unite together. Too bad, the defect is too serious, shuttle rack system ,industrial racking systems, from the broken tunnel lines only to take out such a chain of order, can not get its essence. Even so, Ye Fan is also shocked in the heart, the word "Zhe" secret can heal wounds, can refine itself as a magic medicine, even if the primordial spirit is broken can be repaired, the body can be regenerated with only a drop of blood. Really let him extremely regret, that kind of almost immortal secret, he can not get, only a God chain, complete at least nine. No wonder there is a rumor in Ziwei Ancient Star Field that it is difficult to get this ancient scripture and want to die. It can repair one's own body, and both form and spirit are hard to destroy! Of course, not the true sense of longevity, when a life yuan dried up, even if there is this page of immortal text is useless, can not prolong life yuan. I don't know how long it took him to withdraw from the void and really wake up. Half a page of Phoenix Blood Red Gold Book had already fallen to the ground, and the cluster of fairy flames had disappeared. It was very quiet here. Ye Fan picked up this page of scripture and cut it on his shoulder. Immediately, blood spurted out. However, as soon as the "Zhe" formula ran, the golden blood flew back immediately. The wound healed and was safe in an instant. This makes him even more regret, if you can get the perfect "Zhe" word secret, it can really go against the sky, almost immortal golden body, not bad. Soon, he smiled again, people should learn to be satisfied, can get a chain of order God has been good, did not fall here, and there is a harvest, when fortunate.
Now, he got this God chain, should not be much weaker than Hua Yunfei's phoenix plunder regeneration, lasting vitality is the biggest kind of capital. Ye Fan collected half a page of immortal text, and then looked at Bodhi carefully. His heart was empty and bright. He had a strange feeling about the seed. He always felt that what would happen because of it would be of great use to him! "Today, I don't know what has happened, but this Bodhi makes me jumpy.." He's talking to himself. At the same time, Gu Fei and Gu Lin are divining, Ye Fan has been away for a few days, Tianzhi Village Li Heishui, Dongfang Ye and others are afraid that he will have an accident, let the two soul boys calculate. Bodhi is everywhere, faith is condensed, and religion is immortal. "Poof!" The two soul boys opened their mouths, coughed up a mouthful of blood, and fainted. After being shaken awake, they were at a loss and forgot what had just happened. What happened? Ziro and the monkey were alarmed and ran quickly. Immortal.. The little bird fluttered her big eyes and said in a childish voice, holding the bottle in her arms. Don't let them calculate, they are soul boys, can turn each other into disaster, or such a thing happened, it seems to involve the secret of heaven. The Black Emperor said in a deep voice. Ye Fan left the land of fire, all the way south, came to Yan, that is, the first time to step into the land of the world, its central region is the ancient forbidden land. This time, he did not want to risk going deep into the forbidden zone of life, but came to the small shop of Jiang Laobo and Xiao Tingting to have a look. Because, Jiang Laobo had said that he had come back once, and an old neighbor told him that a beautiful woman named Lin Jia had come and asked Ye Fan about everything. "Squeak!" Pushing open the dust-laden door, Ye Fan entered the shop, everything remained the same, as if he had returned to the past. Suddenly,heavy duty cantilever racks, his eyes stagnated and he saw a few words on the wall, which were carved on the other side of the starry sky, quite different from the world.
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