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Doomsday super merchants (7th Dec 22 at 12:42am UTC)
Sweat and sand dust, mixed with a wipe, Xu Yuhai's face, dirty, you are a big cat. Ren Xinyun, who came up with water, her thighs recovered very quickly. When she walked, she could hardly see the way she had been injured. Her recovery was surprising. She was not afraid of Zhou yuanqiang's seriousness, and when she saw Xu Yuhai's appearance, she burst out laughing, regardless of her present identity. When Ren Xinyun finally went out, Zhou yuanqiang's face sank and he said, "What's the big deal?" Usually other people send the news back, but now it is Xu Yuhai rushed back, sweating, there must be something urgent. Xu Yuhai handed the note in his hand to Zhou yuanqiang. After Zhou yuanqiang read it, he wiped the sweat on his face again and said: "Some time ago, Tian Ying really recruited a lot of people. At that time, I didn't care too much. I thought he had lost people in the Grand Canyon. Of course, I wanted to add it back.". And this Tian Ying usually has contacts with other team members, their party I also sent someone to visit, very ordinary, so has not been aware of. Zhou yuanqiang's eyebrows jumped,mobile racking systems, also did not blame Xu Yuhai's meaning, he tied the twelve to his chariot, presumably the whole settlement is no one dares to do anything to himself, did not think of this Tian Ying is not afraid of these, it is a combination of six teams with good strength, the number of people add up, there are three thousand people. Three thousand people, that's not three hundred! Zhou yuanqiang is also a little nervous, his hands plus the hands of the cigarette factory,warehouse pallet racks, but more than seven or eight hundred people, how to deal with? Have you informed the twelve? Twelve but the old Youtiao in the settlement, Tian Ying's action, they will not know? As soon as Xu Yuhai patted his head, his face changed and he said, "Boss.." It was too important to hear the news, so I was so anxious that I forgot it for a moment. Seeing Xu Yuhai's self-reproach, Zhou yuanqiang waved his hand and said, "Forget it. If the news is reliable, Tian Ying's people must have bypassed the highway and set out from another direction.". Even if they are informed, even if they are willing to come, I am afraid it is also an exorbitant price, and Tian Ying is not much different. Hum, three thousand people are a lot, but we are not a flock of lambs to be slaughtered by them. Xu Yuhai said hurriedly, "But we still have too few people. Tian Ying is a very ferocious man. In those days, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,push back racking system, he ruthlessly massacred five or six hundred people in a small camp. There is no benevolence.". Why don't I go back to the colony now and inform Kong Yifu of their twelve families? As long as they want, it's not too late. Zhou yuanqiang shook his head, and the face of Kong Yifu, an old fox, appeared in his mind. Would he know about this? In the whole colony, he is the head of the local snake, and he must be the first to know anything. Zhou yuanqiang suspected that Kong Yifu had sent someone to deliver the news. The snipe and the clam compete with each other, and the fisherman gains? Is it true that no one in the family got this information early? Their ability in the settlement, or weak, if found early, they need to worry about Tian Ying's thousands of people? (Ticket, click.. Don't forget, thank you!) Chapter 79 small machine warfare. The last glimmer of the sun fell, and the land of the wasteland was gradually enveloped by night. More than a dozen cars rushed out of the small oasis and rushed out in all directions, and soon disappeared into the dark sky. After a few kilometers away from the small oasis, they turned on a small piece of electronic equipment, threw it on the surface of the sand, and then left in a hurry. The distribution distance of every half kilometer almost surrounds the whole small oasis. These wireless thermal sensors, which can sensitively capture all the thermal information within their sensing range, have no effect on cold zombies, but on humans. Zhou yuanqiang did not expect that the talents of the people "invited" from the Grand Canyon settlements and wasteland settlements involved all aspects. Earlier, they asked Zhou yuanqiang for all kinds of small electronics, as well as various parts, for their research.
Zhou yuanqiang felt that he could not provide large-scale equipment, such as this small request, of course, although satisfied, according to the list they provided, all of them were brought from Hyundai. In fact, these wireless thermal sensors are just small devices removed from the wireless communication machine. They are turned into thermal sensors by more than a dozen authoritative electronic experts. They can be connected to the small mainframe in the small oasis. Each wireless thermal sensor has a number. As long as they capture the heat energy, they will send a signal back to the mainframe, so as to know Tian Ying's direction. Walkie-talkies also belong to radio communication, but there is no comparability with those made by these people. If this had not happened, these wireless communication machines would have been put into use. After such a fuss, I'm afraid it will take more than half a month to make it again. Like the IC on this kind of thermal sensor, it generally needs to be written into the program, but it is not difficult for Chen Wenbo's software team to complete the program in just ten minutes. The small wireless heat sensor is just one of the many "weapons". Looking at the things made by the people in their seventies and eighties, Zhou yuanqiang was still dumbfounded. He never thought that these things, after modification, and with the help of Chen Xunan, had combat effectiveness. No one could believe that there was such a tactic. Only half an hour after the deployment of the wireless heat sensor, from the southwest, the wireless heat sensor captured a large amount of heat energy. Through processing, it was quickly confirmed that this fluctuating heat energy belonged to human beings. Wan Chongshan sighed, shook his head and said, "Time is too tight. Otherwise, if we change it again, it will not only be a thermal sensor, but also get some cameras or make an aerial electronic reconnaissance plane. Their movements are like the palm of one's hand." Wan Chongshan is an aviation design, he said, but for him,cantilever racking system, it is a very simple design, there are materials, he can assemble it in more than ten minutes.
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