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Dark sugar is hard to hide (7th Dec 22 at 12:42am UTC)
Song Qing'er plans to go upstairs: "I will think about it, and I will give an answer this week." Separate a few days to calm down is a good thing, Song Qinger has never been an impulsive person, in this Friday, he intends to have a good talk with Xu Zhi again, but the phone is not working. Originally Xu Zhi went home, before Mu Xixue went to court, she wanted to see Ning Sheng. Mu Xixue said that at most she helped her to be charged with manslaughter. As for the commutation of sentence, after all, she had reached the age of 18 and was a minor. She was responsible for what she had done. But before I saw her, she. Xu Wu came back, came back to take something with Mu Xixue, such as how to divide the property, but also to deal with. Xu Zhi stared at the door, tears left with the eyes, so a tear stain came out, followed by a face full of rain. You Divorced? Fifty-five Xu Wu was surprised. He looked at Mu Xixue incredibly. "Didn't you tell Zhi Zhi?" Mu Xixue was worried about Xu Zhi, but she didn't want to show her cowardice in front of Xu Wu. "Not everyone is as cold-faced and ruthless as you, Inspector Xu," she said with a sneer. After saying that,wire mesh decking, because he was worried about Xu Zhi's situation, he immediately went over and wanted to hold her hand, but Xu Zhi avoided it. She walked up to Xu Wu in astonishment, pulled his sleeve and said softly, "Dad, don't you want me?"? Don't go! All right? I'll be good. Don't go! Both sides do not speak, Xu Zhi frowns and smiles doubtfully: "How is this?"? Even if you often don't go home,warehouse storage racks, it doesn't matter. I'm used to it! As long as you don't divorce, everything has room for manoeuvre. Even the air is quiet, listening carefully can only hear the sound of weak breathing, and a little sobbing. Xu Wu set off and walked directly outside the door without any explanation. Seeing this, Xu Zhi pulled him tightly for fear that if he let go, he would disappear. Dad Mu Xixue raised her head and took a deep breath: "Zhi Zhi, let go, Dad is going to work." Xu Zhi did not want to listen, tears can not stop: "I do not want you to work, I want you back." Xu fog finally turned around, ink eyes with stars, Mu Xixue saw, also can not help but moist eyes up. Xu Wu's voice was deep, and he said to Xu Zhi gently, heavy duty cantilever racks ,drive in racking system, "I will come back.". You wait at home with your mother, okay? Come back and I'll give you candy. "Good." By the time Xu Zhi reacted, she had already spoken. Has been accustomed to this pattern, but also his last coax. Calm was restored to the house. But it is only a superficial calm. Xu Zhi didn't want to hear any explanation from them. What she thinks now is that home is broken. In the past, as long as they were not divorced, even if they were not often at home or saw each other only once a year, she thought it didn't matter, but now they are divorced. How nice it would be if nothing happened. A shadow came down from the oblique direction, covering the font in the book, as well as the complex formula; Song Qing'er stopped writing indifferently and raised his eyes; for a moment, he Pure Brightness a lot. Elder Martial Brother Ning. Ning Fang sat down with a smile, easy-going and confident: "You never gave me an answer, so I came to you in person." Song Ching-er then remembered that Xu Zhi had come to see him yesterday. I "I wanted to find you myself yesterday." Ning Fang opened his mouth first. Later, I met Xu Zhi on the road. She seemed to be in a bad mood, so I went over and talked to her. Then I handed in the application form to her, and then I waited for your reply. He simplified the process, but Song Qinger seemed to be able to guess the details, as if he had been able to see the picture. Ning Fang went on to say, "It was Xu Zhi who took the initiative to tell me that she personally gave it to you. She hoped that you could go farther." Song Qing'er pursed his lips and said nothing. The hand holding the pen is tight, exposing the veins. Ning Fang said softly, "Qing Er?" She quickly returned to calm, with a gentle voice and a little calm: "Of course she wants me to go. Well, Elder Martial Brother Ning, I'll give you an answer tonight. I'll finish today's project first." 'Good.
” After Ning Fang left, Song Qinger did not put any thought on it, he took out his mobile phone, because it had been in his pocket, so it was still warm touch, after all, it is the season of snow melting. Although there is no snow here. When he opened Wechat, he saw the top person at a glance, and he put her on the top. Typing on it silently. Xu Zhi Then delete it. Branch, I want to come out and talk to you and give you an answer. Then put the phone aside, waiting for the phone to vibrate; addicted to learning can not extricate themselves from the state, unconsciously, the day has been dark. Although it is only spring, the cold wind is still biting. When Song Qinger realized that he was going to eat, he found that the mobile phone did not respond at all. The mood of packing things suddenly disappeared. This state lasted for several days. Always looking at the dialog box, the last sentence is always their own. Song Qinger was so angry that he didn't want to look at his mobile phone. Elder Martial Brother Ning is pressing hard. Song Qinger has no one around to discuss now. It's not impossible to let yourself make a decision. The mobile phone vibrates quietly. Song Qinger immediately looked over and was soon disappointed. Elder Martial Brother Ning: How is Qing Er thinking about it? I have to hand in the results these days. Song Qinger: I'll give you the answer tomorrow. Please bother Brother Ning. Song Qing'er was going to ask for leave for half a day and go back. I just didn't expect to meet two unexpected people on this journey. Xu Lan and Wendy. After Xu Lan saw Song Qinger, she greeted him in a big way, and the bright smile on her face could not be concealed. One side of Wendai is a little shy, can not help but let Song Qinger think of the first time, the difference is too big. It turns out that a person, no matter how long his habits or personality, can be changed. Wen Shijie said that she wanted to go to downtown A for a walk,shuttle rack system, and I had something to go back, so we went together by the way. After Song Qinger nodded politely, he did not open his mouth much.
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