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Habitat (Industry Elite) (7th Dec 22 at 12:41am UTC)
Seeing the muzzle of the gun, Qu Lin turned around quickly. He wasn't sure who the gun outside was aimed at, but it was his understanding that he could not continue to sit at the table at the moment. Fu Yansheng saw Qu Lin's face and instantly understood that there was a change. They are all people who have been around the muzzle of the gun, and they are particularly sensitive to some dangerous moments. Qu Lin strode back, palms down, all fingers curled up, leaving only a thumb outside, indicating "one". He's saying, "There's an unknown man and a gun out there.". Fu Yansheng immediately got up. Qu Lin went straight back to the table and picked up Jiang Hu. At the same time he and Fu Yansheng played a wink, Fu Yansheng into the back kitchen of the shopkeeper, and ventilation. For ten seconds, the gunman didn't come in. It doesn't take long to observe the terrain and the periphery of the building. Fu Yansheng and Qu Lin moved outside the back kitchen wall. There is only one drain at the back of the room, so there is no shelter. The best barrier is the mountain about five meters away from the house. At night, the mountain with complex terrain can hide everything. "There are still four people in the shop," Fu Yansheng said in a low voice. "When I came in the afternoon, I saw four people, maybe more.". They can't run by themselves. "What do you have on you?" Asked Qu Lin. Fu Yansheng shook his head. He only pulled out a pin from his cuff and broke it straight: "This.". Are we pitiful? The difference between the enemy and ourselves is like a joke at the moment, but no one can laugh. Qu Lin: "Don't take it off, or you will lose your life." Fu Yansheng: "It's a pity!" Just then came the first shot. Fu Yansheng and Qu Lin looked at each other. Then Qu Lin looked at Jiang Hu,heavy duty rack manufacturers, who was as silent as if he did not exist. She's not panicking, he's at ease. Qu Lin made a decision in a second, and he immediately picked up Jiang Hu's waist, put her on the shoulder, and ran quickly to the back of the room. Jiang Hu did not struggle and let it go. It is much more convenient to use the hidden land just entering the mountain. Qu Lin put Jiang Hu in the mountain depression, the position can cover the body but not far away. Putting down Jiang Hu, Qu Lin pinched Jiang Hu's hand again. Qu Lin used a lot of force,mobile racking systems, and Jiang Hu's hand felt a clear sense of pain at this moment. "Cheer up," said Qu Lin. If no one comes near, don't move. If anyone comes near — A violent "bang" came at this time, the wind was strong, and the flames rose from the front of the hotel, shaking wantonly. Qu Lin did not look for the sound, which he was familiar with, was the sound of a car being hit by a shell and ignited and exploded. Qu Lin quickly pulled out a sharp knife from his pocket and clasped it in Jiang Hu's hand for her to hold. It's similar to the one he gave Jiang Hu after the crash. Words are very pale, but can not say. Qu Lin said, "If you can hide, you can't hide." Qu Lin did not finish speaking, and then changed his words. "Wait for me," he ordered in a harsh voice. The tall body immediately stood up in front of Jiang Hu, and at the same time more chaotic gunfire came. When he left, warehousing storage solutions ,industrial racking systems, Jiang Hu gave him a hand, subconsciously. In the dark, the eyes are invisible, but the temperature of the hands can be felt. Qu Lin's hand is cold, Jiang Hu's hand is hot. Jiang Hu did not waste time, only seriously said: "Alive." Jiang Hu immediately let go and let Qu Lin go. But Qu Lin, you have to live well. When Jiang Xing privately submitted his application to participate in peacekeeping with Jiang Shiwu behind his back, Jiang Hu's last words to him before Jiang Xing set out were: How did he go out? How did he come back. Come back alive. Jiang Xing came to this country. He managed to live, but the previous sentence was useless. Jiang Hu didn't want to forgive him for breaking his promise, and she didn't want to see anyone die. In the dark night, the flames created by the explosion and burning of cars illuminate one side of the sky. The location of this family hotel is slightly out of the way, but the population here is also sparse, the war makes people seek self-protection, there will be no reinforcements. Jiang Hu nestled behind the rocks, listening to the irregular gunfire and the occasional human voices. Pound. Bang. Boom. Boom. All kinds of voices rise and fall one after another. The end of her nose also began to smell the pungent smell of burning metal and debris. Suddenly there was a fragmentary sound of footsteps, followed by a faint sound of crying. Jiang Hu carefully looked out through the intersecting stone crevices. The hotel was set on fire in just a few minutes. Against the background of a large area of fire, Jiang Hu saw a low boy standing in the drainage ditch of the hotel, crying helplessly. It was a face that had not been touched by the world, but was infected with a little vicissitudes of life because of panic. In an instant, Jiang Hu thought of the little girl's surrender gesture in front of her because she didn't know the camera. Had it not been for that episode, she, who was used to being cold-blooded at the moment, might have been indifferent.
Instinctively, the boy walked to the foot of the hill. After a few steps, he stopped. He stood in the position where Jiang Hu straightened up and swooped out. Jiang Hu could gradually hear his cry, which became stronger and stronger. Reason tells Jiang Hu not to act rashly, and once he moves, he may become a burden to Qu Lin. This is the most common scene in the world. But the sound of crying in her ears urged her to step out. Jiang Hu looked around. Apart from the boy, there is no other living person. To move would be foolishness, not to move. The boy standing like this was a sitting duck. She couldn't stand to watch. When Jiang Hu hesitated, suddenly, Jiang Hu saw the hotel lobby not affected by the fire, straight to the back door of the hotel, there was a muzzle. The gun was aimed at the crying boy. Jiang Hu roared, but her down boy didn't understand. It's an instinct. There's no other choice. There's no chance to hesitate. In a flash of lightning, Jiang Hu suddenly straightened up from the position of his nest and swooped out. As soon as she crushed the boy under her, the gunman pulled the trigger. At the same moment, earlier, Qu Lin, who was lying in ambush on the second floor waiting for a surprise attack, heard Jiang Hu's roar. He moved his position from staring at the gunman in the hall to looking from the second floor to the back of the building. At the moment of seeing the scene behind the building, Qu Lin's eyes were cold. Fu Yansheng, who lived together on the second floor,asrs warehouse, had not yet reacted. As soon as Jiang Hu rushed out, Qu Lin kicked open the window and jumped straight from the second floor at the woman and child who needed protection. He used his back to support a protective wall. After landing, he rolled aside with the woman and the child under his body.
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