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Wolong gives birth to Tianma Frost Clothes (7th Dec 22 at 12:41am UTC)
Turn around slowly and walk away slowly. "Miss, stop," said Lin Hanqing. The Yin and Yang Raksha suddenly turned around and heaved a sigh of relief. "My little sister has lived for more than twenty years," he said. "This is the first time I've heard someone call me. My girl. "This man is really pitiful," said Lin Hanqing! I think Lin Hanqing will suffer as much as she does in the future. The coldness! Yin Yang Raksha said, "If Brother Lin agrees to associate with my younger sister, my younger sister would like to share a great secret in the martial arts world with Brother Lin." "Secret." Lin Hanqing's heart moved. "What's the secret?" He asked. Yin and Yang Raksha said, "When people see my strange face, they all regard me as a monster. Therefore, although the world is big, So I have nowhere to live, so I have to pick up those inaccessible places, escape from the world, and come and go in the mountains and lakes all the year round. I accidentally discovered the younger brother of a senior wonder, who left his life's efforts in it. Words to here, but suddenly live. Keep your mouth shut. Lin Hanqing had been moved by her curiosity and couldn't help asking, "I don't know what the elder wonder left behind?" Things? Yin and Yang Raksha said, "I left behind a handbook, which is full of peerless martial arts and ten illustrations. My little sister spent three times." Day and night, I just finished reading that book. It's not my alarmist talk. If a person learns the martial arts of that manual, it's really difficult in today's Wulin Find the enemy. Lin Hanqing secretly said in his heart, "I have a blood feud, and my life experience is as mysterious as a mystery. Whether I uncover the secret of my life experience or repay it." The revenge of disfigurement requires peerless martial arts. Yin and Yang Raksha said, "Since it's hard for Brother Lin to make a decision for a while,china tile trim, how can you be strong with your younger sister? Think about it for a day and tomorrow." "We'll meet here again at the end of the day, and the younger sister will listen to Brother Lin's reply." "Don't think about it," said Lin Hanqing. "I can decide right away." In the clear eyes of Yin and Yang Raksha, the color of incomparable desire appeared, which was concentrated on Lin Hanqing's face. Lin Hanqing said, "You were born with a strange appearance, but I was disfigured, but our fate is ordinary, and the world is ignorant." People are judged by their appearance. Just because we look ugly,tile trim factory, we are abandoned for no reason. If we can learn peerless martial arts, we can Think of the ugly people in the world as breathing a sigh of relief. "That's what I think, little sister," said the Yin and Yang Raksha. "If Miss Meng doesn't give up," said Lin Hanqing, "we'll take the sun as the sun, and then we'll look at each other as brother and sister." Luyang Raksha hesitated for a moment and said, "It's too rigid to look at each other as brother and sister. From now on, we can match brother and sister." Sharing weal and woe and helping each other is not limited to brother-sister love. "How old are you?" She added after a slight pause. "I'm twenty-one this year," said Lin Hanqing. "That's a coincidence," said the Yin and Yang Raksha. "My younger sister is also twenty-one this year, but I don't know when Brother Lin was born." "I'm on the third day of April," said Lin Hanqing. "Alas," said the Yin and Yang Raksha! I'm really sorry. I'm on the fourth day of February. I'm more than a month older than you. "" Since the girl is two months older than me, I'm a younger brother, "said Lin Hanqing. Yin and Yang Raksha laughed and said, stainless steel edge trim ,stainless steel tile trim, Alas! I didn't mean to take advantage of you. That's the truth. I don't think we need to count our age. ***! Crisp, I call you brother. "It doesn't matter," said Lin Hanqing. "It's the same for me to call you sister." "All right," said the Yin and Yang Raksha! Then I'll call you brother. "You're welcome, sister," said Lin Hanqing. "If you have anything to do, just tell me." Yin and Yang Raksha looked up at the sky and said, "Brother, I still have some private matters to deal with. We'll still be here at noon tomorrow." Meet each other and go to the mansion of the elder strange man. "My sister has something to do," said Lin Hanqing. "Be my guest." Yin and Yang Raksha smiled and said, "It's still half a day and one night before noon tomorrow. Where are you going to cross here, brother?" A night? "To tell you the truth," said Lin Hanqing, "the elder sister and the younger brother have no fixed place to live and no fixed place to go. Since the elder sister has a private affair to deal with, the younger brother is naturally right. It's not convenient for me to go together. I'll find a desolate and deserted place to stay for a night. I'll meet you here at noon tomorrow.
” "I should have taken my brother with me," said Yin and Yang Raksha, "but the journey was too long. I'm afraid my brother was too tired." Although Lin Hanqing did not speak, he was greatly unconvinced. "I don't believe your flying skill is much better than mine," he said. Yin and Yang Raksha seemed to have seen through Lin Hanqing's mind, smiled slightly, and gave a low roar. Just listen to a burst of hoofbeats, came over, a whole body black horse, hurried over. The horse's mane was so long that it hung down from its belly. It didn't look like a horse, but it couldn't tell what it was. It had snow on its back. White saddle pedal. The white saddle of the black horse looks very dazzling. Yin and Yang Raksha jumped onto the saddle and said, "Brother, if you want to ride with your sister, please get on the horse." Lin Hanqing looked at the saddle, which was no more than two feet long. If two people were sitting on the saddle, they would have to sit with their hands. It was a cold day, and men and women were the same. Saddle, become what decency. Thinking, he waved his hand and said with a smile, "I'm not going. I'll be waiting for my sister here at noon tomorrow." "Good," said the Yin and Yang Raksha! It's time to say goodbye to the elder sister. With the reins, the fast horse turned and ran, like lightning, blinking. Gone. Lin Hanqing looked at the back of Yin and Yang Raksha flying away, and secretly praised in his heart: "What a fast horse.". In the vast wilderness, the original silence was restored, reflecting the sunset, lengthening the figure of Lin Hanqing, and extending lonely in the grass. In the original, it seems to be so lonely. He raised his hand, felt the crisscross pattern on his face, could not tell whether it was hatred or bitterness in his heart, and walked forward. This is a vast grassland, which can not be seen at a glance. Lin Hanqing walked blankly, not distinguishing between east, west, south, and north. Li Zhonghui's hesitant expression made him realize that he had been Abandoned by the human world, the conversation with Yin and Yang Raksha gave him a lofty aspiration. He wanted to stand out in martial arts. The world can change the concept of judging people by their appearance. The setting sun sank in the west,aluminum tile trim, and the night was desolate. A sound of night fruit woke up Lin Hanqing's confused mood. He raised his face and heaved a long sigh. Breath, suddenly feel hungry in the stomach, then think of a day and night without food.
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