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Zhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forward (7th Dec 22 at 12:39am UTC)
"You, if you have a chance, you really should go to the families of ordinary people to have a look. Indeed, the kind of people you said accounts for a part, but most people are working hard, but all kinds of objective conditions do not allow them to end up in poverty. Some things can not be solved by hard work alone. Forget it. This can not be explained clearly in a few words alone. Let's talk about it again!" Small Hanyi dispirited waved his hand: "I do not say, you set the question, I will come back later to participate in the examination, I hope this time will not say that I know the question in advance!" The rise of housing prices in later generations is indeed terrible. I remember that in 2000, an expert concluded that housing prices in some cities with rapid economic development might increase tenfold in ten years. At that time, the expert was scolded by the public, saying that he was a henchman of real estate developers. But in fact, in 2010, housing prices in some cities increased more than tenfold compared with 2000, right? For this reason, when Xiaohan founded Hanjian, he aimed to control the right to speak in the city, regulate the house price reasonably, and cooperate vigorously with Wushi Tianmen,steatite c221, which really achieved good results! But that is only much better than previous lives, if we really talk about the growth of people's income and housing prices, many ordinary people still can not keep up with the growth rate! She has not been in the country in the past two years, and she has had less and less contact with ordinary people, so she has slightly neglected this issue. Now that she has this opportunity, it is really time to talk to the party elders! After all, many things in this life are different from before. Grandpa Dang is still there. The strong rise of Han Group and the inward migration of Wu's Tianmen Millennium Foundation make our country's economic capacity much stronger than that in the previous life. Since we can control things, we should do our best. Xiao Han,ceramic bobbin heater, did you come to me for this matter? Xiao Han knocked on the door and went in. Before he could say anything, Dang Lao handed the newspaper to her. Grandpa is thinking about it, too? Xiao Han laughed happily, and she said, who is Dang Lao? How can these questions be unexpected? The old party nodded: "Yes, I have been brewing this matter for a long time. What's your opinion?" "Han Group and Wu Shi are willing to do this!" Small Han a face of firm: "I know, there is no profit in this matter, is busy in vain, but I think, the enterprise is not only to make money, there are returns!" Dang Lao's face was gratified: "Well, I will draw up a document on the land. Xiao Han, I really didn't misjudge you. It's not easy to have such a mind at such a young age!"! How many people in the world can do it? "Grandpa." Xiao Han smiled shyly: "There is one thing I think I should tell you, Ceramic Bobbin ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, that is … …" That's me and Liu Mei betting again. After listening to Xiaohan, Dang Lao was silent for a while: "Xiaohan, this is a good thing. I did tell all the staff that they can raise their opinions on anything. Don't bring the style of the office here.".
Over the years, we have indeed adapted to this practice, Liu Mei to do so, I am very happy, at least better than scolding us behind our backs, right? "Yes, this is also an opportunity for me to show my strength. Some things, say a hundred times and do a hundred times, are not as good as putting the results of comparison in front of others and letting the opponents defend themselves. I will grasp them well!" Xiao Han looked at Dang Lao seriously: "I believe that ebony should have discussed with Grandpa and let me be stronger. Then, I will no longer hide. I like the atmosphere of Grandpa here!" …… When Xiaohan returned to the office, the examination questions were ready and printed out. Yan Fang came to supervise in person. Liu Mei was afraid that Xiaohan would go back on her word. She declared again: "Assistant Zhao, I do take advantage of you. After all, I have worked here for more than three years, but this can't be used as a reason for your lower score than me!" Xiao Han looked at Liu Mei and said, "Don't worry. I won't go back on my words. I'm willing to gamble and admit defeat." "Did you know you were taking advantage?" Wang Jing muttered discontentedly that it was good for experts to set questions before. This time, several familiar assistant secretaries set questions. With the understanding of working together for so many years, Liu Mei took advantage of it. In Wang Jing's opinion, Liu Mei was a very shameless competition. Yan Fang patted Xiao Han: "Xiao Han, I have read the test questions, which are very close to the cultural etiquette and other aspects of the visiting country. Answer them well. No matter what the result is, there is still a long way to go!" "Xiao Han." Wang Jing hugged Xiao Han tightly: "With the difficulties of others in your heart, with your kindness and magnanimity, I will always support you!" "Thank you, Sister Wang!" Then he looked at Liu Mei and said, "Let's start now!" Half an hour later, Yan Fang led several people to her office to read the papers, while Xiao Han and Liu Mei stayed in the office waiting for the results. Liu Mei hesitated for a moment and sat beside Xiaohan: "Assistant Zhao, I.. I do not do this against you, I hope you can understand my difficulties! "It's all right. I don't blame you. It's a good thing for you to do this. At least you won't guess behind your back!" Small Han smiles: "I believe, I left before, they did not ask you the question of my identity?" "Assistant Zhao, I have no choice but to do so. I am 32 years old and have never had a boyfriend. The elders in my family naturally urge me and even arrange blind dates for me. I hate that kind of marriage with a strong purpose, so I made a military order to develop my career and let them not urge me to get married.". On this visit, I had promised that I would be able to go, but the result was beyond my expectation. Recently, my grandmother forced me to have a blind date with a person of similar family background. I was really afraid. Can you understand that? Xiaohan shook his head: "I can't understand. Marriage and career don't conflict. Why can you not consider marriage when you develop your career? The blind date with strong purpose does have its shortcomings. I just don't understand why your family agreed." "My grandmother once wanted to be an ambitious career woman, but in order to help Grandpa, she retired early, so she wanted me to have a successful career!" Liu Mei paused: "Er." My grandfather, ten years ago, was the commander of the capital military region. "Well, I don't blame you anyway,ceramic igniter electrodes, so I won't ask any more questions!" Although the logic of Liu Mei's family still feels wrong, but everyone has different ideas, Xiaohan also does not want to get to the bottom of the question of other people's privacy.
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