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Detective Zhou Tong Series 4: The Skinner _ Yu Lei (7th Dec 22 at 12:39am UTC)
"Blonde boy." Zhou Tong suddenly shouted. Chen Siguo froze for a moment, but soon realized that Zhou Tong was calling him. Who are you calling? Chen Siguo was burning with anger. The young man, who was a few years younger than he looked, was so arrogant. Whoever answers me is who I call. Zhou Tong was used to the scene and turned a blind eye to Chen Siguo's anger. You Chen Siguo was angry for a moment. All right, Zhou Tong, stop it and be serious. Yan Yongjie could not bear to look at it any longer, so she gave a lecture. Zhou Tong was not afraid of anything. He was afraid of the woman around him, so he had to restrain his arrogant manner and said, "Officer Chen, I'm just joking. Don't mind. Please sit down first." Chen Siguo saw that he had changed his virtue again, and for a moment he did not know whether to laugh or cry, but for the sake of Yan Yongjie's face, he did not bicker with Zhou Tong again, "hum" and sat down. Please sit down with the two beauties and the eldest brother. Zhou Tong continued to say with a smile. Yan Yongjie came forward and pulled Chang Ning to sit down. Zhuoga was confused, but he finally experienced a lot of things, calmed down,ceramic bobbin heater core, decided to see what these people actually have. When everyone sat down, Zhou Tong continued: "I won't talk nonsense. You all heard what the bald uncle said just now. Now we are sitting in a boat. Although I understand that you still have doubts about us and have different ideas in your heart, it doesn't matter. I believe.." "This is nonsense." Chang Ning, who had been silent all the time, lifted his glasses with his hand and muttered. The criticism is. Zhou Tong laughed twice. "Then I'll get back to the point. Officer Chen and Officer Chang, please give us a copy of all the information about these cases. In addition,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, as for what Liang Xiaowu has done in Tibet this week and who he has contacted, no matter how big or small, as long as you know it, you should give us a detailed list of information one by one.". Is it all right to give us these things by today? "No problem." Chang Ning nodded, Chen Siguo did not make a sound, is the acquiescence. Do I need to do something? Asked Zhuoga on one side. You have more things to do. Zhou Tong shrugged his shoulders. "There are still many places we haven't played here. Today you will be our guide first and accompany us to play for a good day." When Chen Siguo and Chang Ning heard this, their faces turned green. At this time, he still has the mind to play! However, Yan Yongjie has a smile on her face. She knows Zhou Tong's way of doing things too well. Although she looks lazy and careless on the surface, she is absolutely serious and cautious in fact. He suddenly mentioned that he wanted to play, and he must have another purpose. Then please work hard. I'll pick up the things in the evening. Zhou Tong looked at Chen Siguo and Chang Ning, 10g Ozone Generator ,alumina c799, who were burning with anger, and said with a bad smile. Zhuoga found a car and took Zhou Tong and Yan Yongjie out of the Public Security Bureau. Where shall we go now? Zhuoga asked as he drove. Instead of answering, Zhou Tong asked, "Zhuoga, are you familiar with Namco?" "Well, I know the way. Are you going to Namtso Lake?" Zhuoga thought they were going to the crime scene to look for clues. No, I want to ask you, are there any villages near Namtso Lake? Zhou Tong continued to ask. Zhuoga thought for a moment and then replied, "Lake Namco is very big, and there are at least seven or eight villages nearby." "Very well, take us around one by one." Zhou Tong leaned back in his seat and said leisurely. OK Zhuoga said and slammed his foot on the accelerator. "You want to find out how Liang Xiaowu got to the bottom of the lake?" One side of Yan Yongjie asked, she had already understood Zhou Tong's plan at this time. You have become much wiser after following me for a long time. Zhou Tong teased. Do you want to be beaten again? Yan Yongjie clenched her fist and looked like she was going to hit someone. Although these villages are near Namco Lake, the nearest one is at least seven or eight kilometers away from the lake area. People in the village can't have a chance to see Liang Xiaowu. If we ask like this, I'm afraid we won't find any clues. Zhuoga has been engaged in criminal investigation for many years. According to his own experience, if someone witnessed Liang Xiaowu going down the lake at that time, it should also be the people by the lake. In addition to tourists, the people by the lake were Tibetans peddling things.
When Yan Yongjie heard this, she put away her fist. She was afraid that Zhou Tong would not pay attention to what he said and embarrass Zhuoga, so she explained first: "We understand what you said very well, but we are not looking for witnesses. According to the current inference, Liang Xiaowu could not have dived to the bottom of the lake. We suspect that he dived to the bottom of the lake through other ways." "Other ways?"? You mean there's a tunnel to the bottom of the lake? There was a hint of sarcasm in Zhuoga's tone, and the speculation was too fantastic. Make a bold assumption, verify it carefully, and check it out. Zhou Tong put away his smile, held Yan Yongjie's hand beside him, and looked at the magnificent scenery outside the window, but there was a trace of anxiety in his eyes. Zhuoga chuckled when he heard this, and he began to be curious about the two young men behind him. Chang Ning buried himself in sorting out the information of the case, but Chen Siguo lay motionless in his chair, resting with his eyes closed. Why didn't you tell the group leader about Liang Xiaowu? Chang Ning suddenly put down the information in his hand and asked. Chen Siguo opened his eyes and asked, "What did you say?" "Didn't you ask knowingly? The day before Liang Xiaowu's accident, he stole the Thangka of Gar Dongzan and then disappeared.." "There are a lot of doubts about this matter, and we haven't found it out yet. It's a great damage to Liang Xiaowu's reputation to say it so rashly. And we've studied that Thangka for a long time, and there's nothing special about it. Why did he take it away?" Chen Siguo has never thought through this matter. Maybe, we just don't know yet. Chang Ning apparently complained about Chen Siguo's way of dealing with the problem. "I think this matter is closely related to his killing. If I don't speak out, I'm afraid it will affect the investigation." "Won't we investigate the case now?" When Chen Siguo thought of Zhou Tong,Ceramic Band Heater, he was very angry. "As a mature police officer, you don't really place your hope of solving the case on a rogue, do you?" 。
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