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The Seductive Queen of Crossing (Nvzun) (7th Dec 22 at 12:33am UTC)
In a short morning, we searched all the major firms in Beijing. I specially picked expensive things to buy. I was too lazy to bargain. I was too troublesome to throw out the sentence "No need to look for it" from time to time. This was my dream before. I dreamed of moving all the LV handbags, CD perfume, Lancome lipstick and Chanel suits home, but my financial resources were limited. I can only hold the fashion magazine YY like Ruili all day long. Now, although there are no such world brands, but there is always a chance to become a rich woman, the feeling of spending money is really good, the heart is not solid, I feel thrilling and exciting. Rouge and gouache, buy! Jade bracelet and gold hairpin, buy! Sachet and feather fan, buy! Silk embroidery, buy! Steamed cake, buy! What? Is there anyone who sells sex palace pictures? Bought it. After reading it, go back and use it on Yunxuan and them to see who is playing to death. Not bad, the painting is very beautiful, it is really lifelike, if you want to buy this thing in the future, you will come to this shop to buy it. I asked Yunxuan to put the book away. Yunxuan probably felt ashamed and indignant. He opened his mouth carefully: "Can we not buy this?" "So, to buy special tools?" He hastened to say, "It's better to buy this!" Hey, hey, that's right. The tools here are not as good as the secret ones in the palace. Crazy rush to buy all the way (Khan, who robbed with you..) I am so happy that I want to look up to the sky and shout: I am rich, rich, rich and rich! See me excited, Yunxuan can only follow the laughter, he laughed in spring, provoked me to "molest" him in public. Life, life, this is ***ing life! What intrigue,Fiberglass tape measure, birth, old age, illness and death, love and love, those things that torture people, go and play! When I got to the vegetable market, I jumped on my dear cucumber gentleman as if I saw a handsome guy. Yunxuan was so frightened that he pulled me hurriedly: "Calm down, there are also cucumbers in front of me..." Buy a basket for vegetables first. Cucumber, egg, flour, milk, honey, aloe.. Picked up a basket full, cloud Xuan reminds: "These things are in the palace, say again, what do we buy this to do?" "I have money to burn, Fish measuring board ,Surveyors tape measure, and I'm happy to do it!" Yunxuan gave me a big supercilious look. Little boy, dare to laugh at me, then you will die! 49 So you're wearing it, too. Finally, tired of walking, Yunxuan and I found a clean teahouse to sit down. The old storyteller was talking about my heroic rescue in the brothel. It was also said that the white clothes looked at my poems and cried all day long. I laughed and smoked with tears? The guy is probably still lying in bed, more comfortable than anyone else. But, grandpa, you said so much, this is not the point, not the point! The point is my poetry, my poetry, my talent (even though it doesn't exist)! It's not a beauty! I burst away. Beiming Taifu really deserved it and had a hard time with the prince? Isn't this a problem with God? That's all right. My son is dead. It's retribution! Hearing this, my face changed slightly. Yunxuan took my hand and shook his head. I put up, I put up. Not wanting to hear more about the book, I turned my attention to one side of the room. Many literati and poets gathered together to discuss poems and songs with each other. At this moment, they are writing poems on the topic of tea. Suddenly, a girl took one look at us and said, "The young man over there is really handsome. Is she a woman disguised as a man?"? Ha-ha I looked down at myself, then at Yunxuan, and then hit him with my elbow: "Hey, you." "Make fun of me again." Yunxuan frowned in disgust. "Let's go." "Go what?" I took a sip of tea. "Listen to what they say." I am eager for someone to make trouble now, and I haven't had a place to vent for a long time.
Sure enough, the girl walked up to us maliciously: "This young childe-ah, no, you are not a childe, obviously is a woman disguised as a man to come out, how, the family does not allow, want to elope with the little lover?" Private. Elope?! Little lover? Pointing at me? The tea in my mouth almost spurted out and dared to treat me and Yunxuan as lesbians! Yunxuan was so angry that her hands trembled, and the girl even stretched out her hand to touch Yunxuan's chest to prove that he was a woman! Hey, no matter who you are, flirt to my Xiaoxuan body, I will not let you go! As soon as I pounded the table, I trampled the woman under my feet without much effort, using the simple grappling technique that Wei Shuo had taught me, and was about to beat her up when I heard a panicked voice. Miss? Miss! My God, what's going on? I looked at the young man who rushed forward to stop me and felt very familiar. I couldn't help blurting out: "Brocade?!" It turned out that the fellow I had stepped on was Brocade's young lady. I pretended not to know anything and looked around. "Young lady?"? Where? Why didn't I see it? "I'm here!" A woman at my feet raised her hand. That, Miss Xiaohan. Brocade showed a look of embarrassment. Forget it. For the sake of acquaintances, let her go. Surprised, I said, "Oh, I'm sorry. So you're Brocade's daughter. Why did you run under my feet?" This, this, this question, I also want to know! Hurry up and spare your feet! She complained. I rolled my foot over her. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You have to believe me. I really, really, really didn't mean it." Girl, I'm sure you didn't mean it. Now all you have to do is move your feet away to prove your sincerity! Facts speak louder than words, don't they? Then I moved my foot away. If it weren't for Brocade, you would feel better. I ask: "molest my man,Adhesive fish ruler, how to calculate?" "And you stepped on me …" she snorted. "Hm?"? How could a gentle, beautiful and kind person like me do anything to you? I looked at her menacingly. …… Otherwise, I'll buy you a drink to make amends. So the four of us went to a nearby restaurant.
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