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Midsummer is a fleeting time (7th Dec 22 at 12:26am UTC)
I smiled and asked Julie, "Do you hate the rich?"? I just reflected that I am a vulgar person today. Why are you so vulgar? From which angle do you see her inner coquettish? Perhaps she is really that dignified and gentle Fujido Jing! Among women, I hate Fujido Jing the most. Who says she's perfect? I'm in a hurry. This is the most selfish and hypocritical person in the world. You say you don't want anything, but you want everything in your heart. Do you think the daughter of a rich family is easy to do this? It is obviously not enough to be greedy, but also to pretend to be unworldly. As for why I think she's coquettish, it's purely a woman's intuition. It's not easy to communicate with a man like you. I filtered out the last sentence: "If she is Fujido Jing, am I not an indomitable and indestructible Shancai?" I began to fantasize about the handsome F4 behind me with a blurred look. When Julie heard this, she threw the pillow at me with an intoxicated face: "If you were Shancai, I would be the mother of Daomingsi.". As long as you see the wind at the helm and give some sweetness, you will be called the grass on the wall of Ye, but you are still indomitable and invincible? Coercion, seduction and lust, which one can you bear? I curled my lips, although I often do deep self-analysis, but so clearly let others prove that I am really a big vulgar person, or some uncomfortable. Ru Ting's Birthday Party (2) I began to seriously buy it for Ru Ting's birthday. In order from difficult to very difficult, the first thing I want to solve is the problem of birthday gifts. There is probably nothing missing from Ru Ting's life experience. If she really needs something, I can't afford it. According to the vulgar scenes on TV, at this time, I should make something for her with my own hands. Seriously speaking,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, true feelings are priceless; popularly speaking, the rich hold a money market, and the poor hold a personal market. I had no money, so I had to make a little thing for her, and I could fool her with gimmicks like "pure hand-made" and "limited worldwide". However, the only thing I can do with my skillful craftsmanship is to fold gold ingots. That's because when I was a child, I was crazy about money. I learned the craft from Shanshan's grandmother who ate fast and prayed to Buddha. A piece of golden aluminum foil, folded in half a few times,potassium sulphate fertilizer, is a golden gold ingot. At that time, gold ingots were more popular than small whirlwind cards, and could be used as currency in all children's circles in our community. Gold ingots with good three-dimensional effect can be purchased as large items such as submachine guns, and those with inferior quality can also be replaced by snacks. Alas, when I grow up, my good technology will be out of the stage of history. I suddenly understand the hardship and helplessness of the scissors grinder now. I went to the balcony with a sad face and saw Fang Yuke standing on the balcony making a phone call. I'm so stupid. Ru Ting likes what thing, ask Fang Yu to be able to know directly. I shouted directly on the balcony: "Fang Yuke, I have something to find you, you give me down." At this time, the window of the opposite boys' dormitory stretched out countless heads, some watching the show, some heckling. Who says boys don't gossip? It is still the same as holding a bench, holding melon seeds and talking about the East and the West. I waited downstairs for a long time, but he didn't come down. Looked up his neck, Magnesium Oxide powder ,caustic calcined magnesite, hey, he is good, but also leisurely talking on the phone, as if I had just shouted at someone else. The teacher taught us from childhood that time is money. How can I let my money go like this. So I put my hand to my mouth and rolled it into a trumpet shape. I shouted cynically, "Fang Yuke, your mother asked you to go home for dinner!" I swear, "Jia Junpeng, your mother asks you to go home for dinner" is actually my original creation. With this roar, the windows of the two men's and women's dormitories poked their heads out, and the good ones began to clap and whistle. Fortunately, Ru Ting is not in the dormitory today, or I will not be killed by random arrows? In the thunderous applause, I welcomed your son who went downstairs leisurely. With a half-smile, he wore a plaid shirt, a black leisure suit, a pair of loose Levis jeans and a pair of light-colored canvas shoes. It's hard for a boy to match a plaid shirt, but this boy wears it like a clothes rack model, which exudes the comfortable taste of lazy youth. And I just ran down the stairs in a hurry.
He was wearing a black pullover, red and white striped sports pants, and a big head of Mickey cotton slippers, one of which had his nose pulled off by me a few days ago. On the whole, I look like a down-and-out flower girl. Alas. Fang Yuke glanced at me, and finally his eyes fell on my cotton mop, pulling out a smile on his lips, but not laughing. I glared at him. "What are you looking at?"? Poor people are not allowed to wear broken shoes. "Every woman should have a good pair of shoes," Fang Yuke said with a smile. Surprised, I asked, "Do you also know Fujido Jing?" "Fujido Jing?"? Male or female? I don't know. I curled my lips and said, "Hum, you don't even know the famous Fujido Jing. Hurry to read and cram." Fang Yuke ignored my words and asked me, "What are you looking for me for?" After bickering with him for a long time, I remembered that I hadn't said anything serious yet. What kind of birthday gift does Ru Ting like? What are you going to send? I didn't forget to dig out other people's privacy when I asked about the business. Fang Yuke frowned. "I haven't thought about it yet.". Is that why you came to me? "Or what?". The daughter is not short of anything, which makes it difficult for the poor like us. You provide me with some reference information. How do I know what girls like? If it were your birthday, what would you like to receive as a birthday present? I looked up at the sky and thought, then took out my fingers and counted them one by one: "Shampoo, shower gel, toilet paper, photo frames.." Fang Yuke interrupted me: "Why are you so easy to deal with?"? Don't take advantage of the birthday robbery? Actually, what I want is diamonds, gold, luxury houses, funds, stocks.. Alas, who let me rob? It's more reliable to think of something practical. On the other hand, the daily necessities are in urgent need recently,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, so we have to purchase them. "Go." "Where are you going?" "Purchase." Fang Yuke said without looking back. I was so slovenly that I followed Fang Yuke, who was in the wind of Yushu, to go shopping.
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