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Concubine Mou (10th Jan 23 at 5:59am UTC)
The curtain morning snow's hair is only gently pulled up with the silk rope, originally intentionally pulled a little loose. Now it's more messy to salute and kneel down to beg. She was afraid that Mu Qian couldn't see it clearly, so she leaned against Jiu Ge'er again, and then she said, "Today is my father's birthday party, and it's my daughter's unfilial piety that makes my father angry!"! The daughter borrowed clothes from her sister and myna to change them for her brother and herself, and asked her father not to be angry and hurt her body! According to her and nine elder brother's size, the house can lend their clothes only four elder sisters and eight elder brothers, but these two people are born, how can they be willing to lend their clothes to the concubine's sister and brother. "The fourth sister could still bear not to speak, but the myna was already impatiently and loudly objecting." I don't want to lend him clothes. I'm just an evil son of a cheap life. Why should I wear the clothes of this young master! Serves him right for living in a doghouse with no food and no clothes! Children of this age mostly learn to speak from adults. The big lady usually talks about such words as "bitch" and "evil son". Myna listens to them too much. This time, he is upset and spoiled for a long time, so he shouts out regardless. As soon as he said this, Mu Chenxue almost burst out laughing, and quickly pinched his arm with his fingernails, which suppressed the smile in his heart. This myna son is really helpful, she also prepared all kinds of words, now all need not say, because the evidence is conclusive, the effect is enough. Chapter 23, step by step. Mu Chenxue took advantage of his father Mu Qian's birthday banquet, suddenly launched an attack on the big lady, directly hit the other side by surprise. Although the wet nurse beside the first lady tried her best to excuse her,manganese beneficiation plant, her son, the eighth young master, was so spoiled that he didn't want to lend his clothes to his concubine brother. He even spoke evil words and humiliated his concubine brother in front of everyone. He was so angry that Mu Qian raised his hand to scrape the disobedient unfilial son, and was stopped by his wife. Now the big lady where can think of their own identity, also kneel down with the crowd, "master, myna son is your legitimate son, is your most beloved son ah!"! How can you punish him in front of everyone? Myna had never seen his father so fierce. He was so frightened that he sat on the ground and cried loudly. Look at that! You taught me well, son! What a loving mother and a loser! The young master of the grand shogunate,Portable gold trommel, when things happen, he should act like such a shrew. How decent it is! Mu Qian is not really want to hit this son, after all, love these years, just want to scare him. Now see myna son sitting on the ground crying, but nine elder brother son a face calm kneeling aside, two phase a comparison, feel nine elder brother son's temper is better, maybe there will be a big future. But this idea was only a flash, and did not leave any deep impression, after all, kneeling a room of people, and the banquet time is approaching. Hi! With a sigh, he turned around and helped the lady kneeling beside him up. Mu Chenxue has been secretly observing his father, see that his eyebrows and eyes have been loose, but the next moment he helped his wife up, Carbon in Pulp ,portable gold wash plant, he knew that his medicine was not strong enough, it seems that he has to work harder. By the big lady got up, but to help one side of the myna son, while helping one side of the son's comfort, "eight younger brother quickly don't cry!"! Father was just angry for a moment. Today is my father's birthday, and I can't cry! He also took out a handkerchief to wipe his tears. Go away Myna cried sadly, but when he saw his mother protecting him as usual, his father's attitude was not as fierce as at first, thinking that he was scolded by his father because of his elder sister and younger brother, of course, he would not like the morning snow. But the performance of the curtain morning snow in the eyes of the people in the room, but she wanted to take the opportunity to curry favor with the eldest wife. The curtain morning snow borrows the myna son this to push, the potential falls to the ground, the hair also all scattered. Mu Qiangang's relaxed face immediately sank again. Big madam also surprised out of a sweat, she usually too spoiled this young son, now found that his spoiling is only afraid to harm the son.
But now is not the time to pursue these, just got up the big lady rushed to the young son, pulled him tightly, "master, myna son is afraid to be frightened, not deliberately want to make the master angry!"! "Please forgive him this time because he is young and ignorant." Mu Chenxue saw that it was almost time, and it was not the way to go on like this. He pulled the sleeve of the nine elder brothers and told him in his ear, "Help Myna to plead for mercy!" It was also a final blow to the big lady. Mu Chenfeng looked at his sister in puzzlement, hesitated for a moment, still according to the command, kneeling towards Mu Qian, "Father, it's all my son who is unfilial. My son doesn't want myna's clothes. Just don't be angry!" The filial nine elder brothers, the selfish eight elder brothers, this does not compare does not know, compares the high and low immediately to see. Mu Qian glared at Myna and patted him on the shoulder. Then he waved his hand and let everyone get up. When everyone stood up, he sat back in his chair, but never looked at the big lady again. The curtain morning snow also follows to get up, she this gets up, the long hair that crosses the shoulder hangs down directly on the face, looks very discomfited. What's the matter with the fifth sister? Without new cloth to make clothes, don't you even have a piece of jewelry? Looking at this irresponsible father finally noticed her, Mu Chenxue secretly sighed, playing chess pays attention to insight into the overall situation, pay attention to the first hand after the hand, she today step by step, everything is pressing, finally it is not in vain. But just got up the curtain of morning snow, had to kneel down again, "back to the father, the daughter fell ill a few days ago, afraid to infect the mother moved to the backyard, did not think of this disease is more ferocious, the daughter is unable to serve her mother is unfilial, how can let the mother for her daughter's trouble, so cut the jewelry,chrome washing machine, let Jiang Ma help out of the house to catch some medicine!" Mu Chenxue's words sounded like filial piety, but anyone with a discerning eye could see that she was excusing the first lady. Only Mu Chenxue knew in her heart that the position of the first lady was not something she could easily shake as a concubine. Her purpose today was not to drive the first lady out of office at one time. What she wanted was to improve the lives of her mother and brother, and what she wanted was silver.
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