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Record of Pity Fragrance and Cherish Jade - Posted By Nancy (nancy54) on 19th Dec 22 at 12:12am
It was already bright outside the window, and Xi Yu did not dare to move. Nianxiang slept deeply, for fear of startling him. There was still some moisture under his long thick eyelashes, and he must have been crying for a long time. Xi Yu looked at him quietly. After he fell asleep, he was not like Quan Nianxiang at all. He was neither venomous nor bad, nor as violent and gloomy as last night. He looked a little dull and defenseless now, his lips slightly open, and he was sleeping very soundly. Xi Yu suddenly felt that everything last night might be a dream. The morning light sprinkled on his face through the curtain, outlining a handsome golden outline. His long eyelashes trembled slightly, like the wings of a butterfly. This person, perhaps in the future will really become an important person in her life, she is silent for his anger, sad for his tears, as long as he put away his joking face, serious, she can not help but pay attention to, emotions are also infected by him. There was still blood on his ear from last night, which was splashed on when he cut people's hands. Xi Yu gently wiped it for him, but as soon as he met him, he suddenly opened his eyes slowly with a "hmm" sound, and looked at her blankly with sleepy eyes. Xi Yu was a little embarrassed,outdoor ficus tree, but still showed a natural smile, "Oh, good morning." Nianxiang looked at her for a long time, his eyes gradually became clear and transparent, he suddenly turned his face away, his ears were red. Clothes He said softly, "put on your clothes." Xi Yu looked down and realized that he was still wearing the clothes that had been torn by Su Xunxiu, with most of his shoulders exposed and one side of his chest looming. She blushed and wanted to dig a hole in the ground immediately. She quickly grabbed a dress from the head of the bed and put it on. Nianxiang had already sat up straight. That one Xi Yu looked at him awkwardly,silk olive tree, not knowing what to say. Ask him if he slept well last night? Or a few more words of comfort? Or just say that I will never remember you crying yesterday? It's my fault, my fault. I haven't been able to protect you. Nianxiang suddenly said in a low voice, "You can beat me up or even cut me a few knives.". But Xi Yu, I promise, there will never be a next time, I swear with my life, there will never be a next time! He spoke so seriously that it seemed that after only one night, the childishness on his face was greatly reduced. Even Xi Yu noticed that there was something twinkling in his eyes. She did not know whether it was too bright in the morning or something else. Now she could not look at the person in front of her as indifferently as before. Her heart was beating hard, and by the time she realized it, her face was almost burning. Xi Yu took a breath and stammered, "That.." I don't blame you. I was not careful myself. I She felt as if she were saying a tongue twister, and her mind was in a mess, which was very embarrassing. Nianxiang smiled, patted her on the head, pulled open the curtain and jumped out of bed. He stretched hard and turned around and said with a smile, large artificial blossom trees ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, "I'm hungry. Get up and go down to buy breakfast.". Call Tianqing by the way. Xi Yu said, "Oh," and quickly jumped out of bed. Strange, this person, yesterday also cried like a child, a night to completely change, the so-called enlightenment, a night to wake up, does it mean that he is like this? What did he wake up to? It felt as if he had left her far behind in some way, and now he looked so fresh that people wanted to punch him. The two of them cleaned up and changed their clothes and went to the opposite side to call Qu Tianqing. As soon as Xi Yugang knocked on the door, the door slammed open. Qu Tianqing's eyes were bloodshot and he stared at her, as if he could not understand why both of them looked so bright. "Tianqing," said Xi Yu with a smile, "go downstairs and have breakfast." Qu Tianqing murmured, "You.." Xi Yu shook his finger, "I have nothing to do!" Pointing to a scar on her neck, she smiled and told her what had happened yesterday. Qu Tianqing's eyes were getting bigger and bigger, and Nianxiang's eyes were getting smaller and smaller. As soon as Xi Yugang said that he had put a hairpin against his throat, Nianxiang raised her chin and looked at the wound. It was so dark yesterday that I didn't realize you were hurt. No, you have to take the medicine, or there will be a scar left. He turned to Qu Tianqing and said, "Tianqing, do you have the wound medicine?"? Please help Xi Yu bandage it.
” Then he touched Xi Yu's head again and said softly, "Don't do this again next time. Your life is the most important thing. No matter what happens, you can't seek death!" Xi Yu suddenly found that communication between the two had become a problem, and she did not seem to know how to interface. Qu Tianqing led her into the room and found a piece of cloth to dress her with medicine. As soon as the medicine was applied to the wound, there was a burning pain. Xi Yu grinned and cried, "What kind of medicine is this?!"! It didn't even hurt this much when it was punctured! Qu Tianqing suddenly said in a deep voice, "What's your name?"! Don't scream! Be quiet! Xi Yu was fierce by her, immediately hair, was about to refute, but saw her suddenly bowed to wipe tears, her eyes were bloodshot, presumably did not sleep all night. When her words came to her lips, they became- ".." Don't cry.. All right, it's all my fault. I won't be self-willed in the future. I know you're all worried, and I'll listen to you next time. Qu Tianqing's tears flowed down her fingers, and she choked: "Yes." It's my fault! I shouldn't have yelled at you! You have suffered so much. I couldn't catch up with the thief yesterday. I'm so useless! Xi Yu sighed, grabbed her sleeve and shook it twice. "Don't cry. Crying again is really a rabbit's eye. It's so ugly!" Qu Tianqing glared at her, and there were tears in her eyes, but she couldn't help laughing. After dressing her up, the two of them went out affectionately and went downstairs to have breakfast with Nianxiang. They are teenagers, young people are always straightforward and naive, in their hearts never know what is called hate, big things are good to cry, the next day is still sunny. Xi Yu could never imagine that these two people, who had a super bad first impression,outdoor ficus tree, had finally become important to her. The anger at the first sight of the small pavilion in the middle of the lake and the embarrassment of his sarcastic words now seem very far away. The three of them sat beside the steamed bun stall, talking and laughing, as if they were old friends for many years.